[Oracle ADF] Popup with dialog

Обработка нажатия кнопок в dialog

Handling the OK and CANCEL buttons in af:dialog

<af:popup childCreation="deferred" autoCancel="disabled" id="p14" binding="#{MyBeanBean.timePeriodDialog}">
      <af:dialog id="d7" title="handling Ok and cancel event}" type="okCancel" dialogListener="#{MyBeanBean.dialogListener1}">
              <af:inputDate label="От" id="id5"/>
              <af:inputDate label="По" id="id6"/>

public void dialogListener1(DialogEvent dialogEvent)
    if (dialogEvent.getOutcome() == DialogEvent.Outcome.ok)
     // write your custom code for ok event
    } else
      // write your custom code for cancel event